An herbal liquor whose name in Italian means “bitter”.

While different versions exist throughout the world, amaro is specifically Italian. It is made from infusing a base alcohol (grape brandy, neutral spirits, or wine) with a proprietary blend of herbs, roots, flowers, and spices. The concoction is aged in casks or bottles for various amounts of time and typically consumed as a digestif to any meal.

Choose one to sip after dinner, pair with our daily gelato for our version of an “affogato”, or pick a flight!


DEL EBORISTA/ chamomile/ straw/ honey

SIBLIA/ roasted nut/ honeysuckle/ chocolate


RAMMOZZOTI/ orange peel/ anise/ herbs

LUXARDO/ cardamom/ cinnamon/ orange peel

MELETTI/ clove orange/ genziana root

AVERNA/ spice/ maple

LAZZARONI FERNET/ cardamom/ herb/ chamomile

MONTENEGRO/ cherry/ black tea/ coriander

NARDINI/ caramel/ mint/ gentian

LUCANO/ herb/ root/ cherry


ZUCCA/ rhubarb/ dark chocolate/ quinoa

SANTA MARIA AL MONTE/ gentian/ rhubarb/ cinochon

SIBONIA/ rhubarb/ clove/ anise

FERNET BRANCA/ cardamom/ aloe/ saffron

SFUMATO/ rhubarb/ smoke


CYNAR/ menthol/ anise/ artichoke

CYNAR 70/ menthol/ anise/ artichoke (70pf)

CARDAMARO/ cardoon/ ginger


LAZZARONI/ blackberry/ alpine/ roots

NONINO/ orange/ spice/ alpine

BRAULIO/ menthol/ alpine/ herbs

CONTRATTO FERNET/ menthol/ alpine


While Amaro is great from the first crack of the bottle, our vintage selection is sure to blow your mind! Amari that has been aged over the years softens greatly and offers a true representation of all the wonderful and natural ingredients macerating together.

While vintage is difficult to procure, we have managed to locate a few that will surely have your moutn watering for more!

Ask about our selection and try a flight!